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It may feel daunting when arriving for a first appointment.  However, efforts are made to make sure you feel as comfortable and at ease as possible in a relaxed and non-judgemental environment. In fact, even before you arrive you are welcome to have a chat over the phone to answer initial  questions you may have. Sessions are usually about 50 minutes long.   


You will be asked some questions about the difficulties you are experiencing,  some of the background to the problems as well as how you are doing in other areas of your life.  This is all important information so that we can build together a working formulation that takes into account an understanding of how the problem came about, developed and has been maintained along with the situations and triggers that worsen the problem and what factors may improve it.  This is a collaborative process that can be adjusted and changed depending on new learning, experiences or other information that informs the therapy.  


If, at this first session you and the therapist feel that this is the right place for you, then goals for therapy will be agreed upon and a plan decided regarding the next session.  Clients typically attend for weekly or fortnightly sessions for around 6 - 12 sessions, while some more complex or long term issues may need more sessions.  Some longer term clients may arrange sessions on a less regular basis; every 6 weeks for instance. There will be regular reviews to monitor whether this approach is helpful and appropriate, and advice given for alternative or complementary approaches if required.   

What to expect


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